“Nothing Lasts Forever” (my first poem)

I want you to know 

My heart is pounding very hard but its softly flowing in my veins 

Deep as the ocean 

High as the sky 

My thoughts can’t forget you 

My eyes see the clear sky 

My limbs takes you to my new world that never exist 

I can hear your heartbeat during my sleep 

Thinking it would cease between you and me 

Love is like a dream 

Full of surprises that makes out hearts going for that someone 

It hurts to end it 

The last is the ending but the beginning 

At the darkest night wishing at the stars 

Sunset brings the light 

Ocean flows with powerful tides 

Tears in my eyes sparkled winter dice 

Save it from hurtful worthless grave 

Remember it gives you fate 

Never ending happiness

Smile bright as the sun and the stars at night 

Like it never lasts forever


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