I Found Out who I am………. but this is just one side of the story

She is a person who hides everything 

Reads every books that is really interesting, especially if you suggest it

Her eyes are special that it could see all those hidden stories in that bookshelf 

But she has her flaws but she found her special identity

She had missing too much and she came out 

Slowly coming outside the world listening to the whispers and shyly walking through the crowd

She enjoys watching people instead of talking and talks to them now to stop the loneliness under that sunshine

Forever stock in a box, forever in a constant circles waiting to be let go just like a bird in cage 

She said, “I’m happy that I’m not out there as a kid because I’d rather regret being alone forever than being thrown out there”

She wished to cry forever because it hurts to be imperfect 

She is scared to get pulled by the waves while it’s windy 

Soft, rusty dust always waiting for a miracle that will never come

As the sun goes down, its quiet and peacefully as the night past 

Walking through the school halls greeting people is just a routine

Listening to the lecture is boring but listening to it is the best part 

Short term memory is bad but her long term memory is amazing

She could only remember those genius words after a decade 

That made her smart but the was just a portion of her mind 

The other half of her brain contains various of chemicals that you never knew about

She uses it when she’s desperate but most of the time it’s only for emergency 

“For me I say that I have to prove myself again because I want something

I have to try and stumble on the ground to show that I’m worthy”

Ruzea's Pictures in Ipad 1971
~great view, my first time in Hawaii, I was skinny back then~



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